Best Ways to Dress a Thick Waist

Apparently, more than 50% of women fall under the category of big girls. Finding the right look can be hard if you’re in this category. But as with all things and styles, there are solutions that can help. The right outfits can make your waist look more slender, while the wrong outfits can make your lack of waist look even more obvious. The best way to dress a thick waist is to wear clothing that can hide your tummy, which has a slimming effect for your midsection to create the illusion of a waistline while drawing attention to your “assets” in the meantime.

Wrap Dresses

When dressing a thick waist, wrap dresses and tops are essential. Not only are they stylish to wear, but they’re also incredibly flattering around the midsection, making them one of the best dresses for a big belly. A wrap silhouette gives the illusion of an hourglass shape whether you have one naturally or not.

High Waist 

Wearing pieces that create definition and ‘cinch’ the area the better. That ‘cinching’ detail gives the midsection a thinner appearance, even if it’s subtle. This is why high-waisted bottoms are the best choice. Because of the placement of high-waisted bottoms, they immediately draw the attention up, towards the smallest area of the waist to create this slimming effect. In addition, high-waisted pants can make your legs look longer, which also helps to create a longer, leaner-looking waistline.

A-Line Silhouettes

The a-line silhouette is classic and tends to be quite flattering on a lot of body types, and is even more flattering with a thick waist. This is because the a-line structure gives the illusion of a smaller waist to the body.

Open Necklines

Yes, even the neckline you choose can play a role in flattering your body. In the case of a thick waist, open necklines are going to be the best bet – specifically v-necklines. The benefit of a v-neck is that it creates an elongated effect to the top half of the body and also draws attention closer to the face rather than the waist.

Vertical Lines

Vertical lines are something to favor when dressing a thick waist. Everyone has heard the age-old fashion fear of horizontal stripes making us appear BIGGER than we are, but flipping the direction of lines to be vertical has the opposite effect to the body. And this is why it’s a great choice for a thick waist.