Merging Art and Ecology: The Ilha de Queimada Grande Mural in São Paulo, Brazil

The mesmerizing blend of art and ecology comes alive in São Paulo, Brazil, through a captivating mural depicting the notorious Ilha de Queimada Grande or Snake Island. A testament to nature’s daunting yet delicate aspects, this mural mirrors the island’s mystery and brings it to the heart of one of the world’s most populous cities. This urban illustration not only enhances the cityscape but also echoes a significant environmental message.

A Living Canvas: The Ilha de Queimada Grande Mural

A towering spectacle in the bustling cityscape of São Paulo, the Ilha de Queimada Grande mural is a work of magnificence that artistically narrates the tale of Snake Island. Crafted by celebrated Brazilian street artist Speto, in collaboration with Mundano, this monumental work of art covers the side of a 33-floor building, impossible to overlook.

This mural pays homage to the island’s singular inhabitant, the golden lancehead viper, and underscores the importance of environmental conservation. By bringing the essence of Snake Island to São Paulo’s streets, it fosters a deeper appreciation for biodiversity and the critical need to protect unique ecosystems.

The Powerful Message Behind the Mural

The mural’s design illustrates the ecological significance of Ilha de Queimada Grande. It tells the story of the golden lancehead viper, an exclusive resident of the island, symbolizing the delicate balance of isolated ecosystems. The mural paints a vivid picture of the unique, perilous allure of Snake Island, prompting viewers to reflect on the delicate intersection of human activity, wildlife conservation, and habitat preservation.

Through their awe-inspiring mural, Speto and Mundano translate the critical message of species conservation into an accessible medium, raising awareness of this crucial global issue. The artwork serves as a constant reminder of our responsibility towards our planet’s diverse habitats and the species they shelter.


The Ilha de Queimada Grande mural in São Paulo is a grand representation of the powerful fusion of art and ecology. It brings the enigmatic world of Snake Island to the heart of urban Brazil, narrating the tale of its deadly inhabitants and prompting a wider discussion on biodiversity and conservation.

Even without visiting the real-life Ilha de Queimada Grande, the mural allows us to reflect on the island’s mysteries, its importance, and our collective responsibility to protect such unique corners of our planet. This impactful work of art reinforces that even in our urban existence, we remain intrinsically linked to the natural world.

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