Swimwear for Long Torso

Finding a perfect swimsuit can be very tricky especially if you’re tall and have a long torso. One-piece swimsuits are always the go-to style when it comes to finding a swimsuit that’s equally cute and comfy, but sometimes they’re just not long enough. 

If you happen to have a long torso with relatively shorter legs compared with women of your height, then swimsuits can be a real struggle.

The best swimsuits for women with long torso should create the visual illusion of a more balanced body proportion, i.e. making legs look longer and torso look shorter. Here are some of the best bathing suit styles that flatter a long torso body type.

If you’re a one-piece kind of woman, you will want to try something that has a plunging neckline to flatter your long torso. A plunging neckline draws attention towards your neckline and breaks up the space on the torso, creating more balance to your body.

From deep-V silhouettes to cut-out one-pieces to colour-blocked pieces, there’s a one-piece out there that won’t have you wiggling up and down while you’re trying to relax at the beach or by the pool. 

Colour-blocked one pieces visually change how long your torso look by breaking up the torso, and thus creating a more balanced look.

Whilst, cut-out swimwear breaks up the space on your torso to make it appear more proportioned to your bottom half. It is pretty much a safe bet for long torsos. 

If you’re into the two-piece look, be sure to select high-waisted bikinis. A high-waisted bikini enhances a long torso by creating the illusion of longer legs, often by drawing attention to the natural waistline area.

Photo by Spencer Davis on Unsplash