How To Wear Orange

Orange is the new black.

It is one of the top colours for Fall 2021. Orange isn’t an easy colour to style and match let’s be honest. But it isn’t entirely impossible.

Recent seasons have seen designers light up the runways with vibrant tangerines, neon oranges and amped-up corals that look great and wearable all at once. There’s a shade on the orange spectrum for every emotion and skin tone, from tangerine, mandarin, orange, persimmon, tangelo, vermillion, carrot, saffron, salmon, to peach, burnt orange, pumpkin, the list goes on.

Orange can come across as very aggressive. It is vibrant and demands attention, and is the colour of creativity and fascination. It can be a very flattering colour to add to your look. 

There are some ways to wear orange.

Play it safe

The safest combinations will always be with neutral tones — white, cream and beige, or black, navy or grey. However, if you’re not really sure about the colour hold an item near your face. If it makes your eyes pop and brightens your face, it’s a keeper. But if it makes you look pale or washed out, put it back.

Beware of teaming orange with black and brown as these dark neutrals can drag the colour down even more, making it drab and mundane rather than bold and extraordinary. If you need to incorporate some neutrals, opt for lighter-toned neutrals.

Make it monochromatic

Wearing one colour head to toe creates a continuous lengthening silhouette. Tone on tone in a more subtle shade can be fresh.

Go denim

The most obvious choice is to pair orange with denim. An orange article of clothing paired with navy is a classic combination.

Go for gold

Gold accessories worn with orange is a match made in heaven. They are both bold and rich, and complement each other.